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I build and organize effective teams. My writing loosely follows that theme.

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Popular Writings

Business and Leadership

The Emergence of an Industry: The Business of Coaching – A deep dive into the coaching industry. Probably my most ambitious post to date.

How Leaders Define Reality for Organizations – What all-hands meetings are actually about.

Growth Office Politics or How Growth Teams Piss Off Everyone in Your Company – Silicon Valley’s favorite word, “Growth,” carries tension.


Learning to Draw (Since You’d Forgotten) – After a 25 years, I bought some pencils. Part 2.

From Brand New to Single Digit Kyu: Learning to Play Go – I test my strategic mettle against a team of 8 year-olds.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Human Chess or Human Go? – BJJ is frequently compared to chess. But is the Chinese game of Go a better analog?

18 Months of Turtling: A Jiujitsu Retrospective – I focused my jiujitsu training on the sport’s most controversial position for 18 months.

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