Below is a list of my favorite books. This is probably a better introduction to me than my About page!

  • Amis, Lucky Jim
  • Buckley, Thank You for Smoking
  • Caro, The Path to Power: The Years of Lyndon Johnson
  • Clavell, Shogun
  • Coram, Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War
  • De Waal, Chimpanzee Politics
  • Jaynes, The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind
  • Johnstone, Impro
  • Lewis, Mere Christianity
  • McWhinney, Paths of Change
  • Morris, The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt
  • Schwarzenegger, The Education of a Bodybuilder
  • Tolle, The Power of Now
  • Thoreau, Walden
  • Watzlawick, Change
  • Yoshikawa, Musashi

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