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“I need to hire someone who can do X.”

“My people are not working on the right things.”

“My business is disorganized––everything is always on fire.”

“I don’t have enough time.”

Sound familiar? If so, please reach out. We may be a fit to work together. The below is my resume.

I thrive in the role of management consultant or bystander. My titles, however, have included COO, Account Manager, Recruiter, and Teacher. People who have worked with me would agree that a more appropriate title might be business Synthesist or Integrator. In other words: I build and organize effective teams.

In 2020 I took on the title of acting COO of a recruiting business, which I helped to grow from the low seven figures to mid seven figures in annual revenue. I did this by:

-Analyzing sales and marketing data and using it to convince the executive team to focus on the 20% of business that actually mattered

-Creating a formal hiring and onboarding process

-Promoting some insanely talented people and giving them autonomy to create a recruiter training program

-Hiring several new recruiters

-Managing the development of a new marketing website

-Documenting a growing pile of business processes

-Implementing some critical risk controls

-Putting out a lot of fires––and making sure they stayed out!

Beginning November 2020, I stepped away from the recruiting business to do an internship with an executive coach. In part, I am learning how to coach. But I am also acting as a consulting COO, designing and implementing processes that we hope will grow the business to the mid six-figures in annual revenue. This means I am:

-Learning the nuts and bolts of growth marketing including Facebook ads, adwords, and much more

-Learning about YouTube product development and the world of Content Creators

-Seeking out and vetting partners

-Solving the realest small business problems: From entity creation to budgeting

Earlier in 2020 I also served as a consultant to LeadersAtlas, a super exciting startup already working with some amazing brands (HP, VIPKid, and more). I continue to work with the founder to help him iterate around sales messaging––a work in progress!

Before this year (2015-2019), most of my work has been as a recruiter or account manager in the recruiting business. My recruiting resume looks like this:

Here are my Recruiting Principles. When it comes to recruiting, everything else is downstream from these for me.

I manage relationships: clients, candidates, and colleagues.

I’ve placed dozens of candidates at Silicon Valley startups and established technology companies.

Sometimes I work as a recruiting team manager, others as an individual contributor.

I focus on the most competitive requisitions in the industry because they are the most challenging (and the most satisfying) to fill.

I’ve worked mostly with the high end of the market, and have placed candidates from:

-Schools: Stanford, MIT, Princeton, Carnegie Mellon, etc.

-Companies: Google, Zillow, Alluxio, Gladly, Facebook, etc.

Roles I’ve filled: Software Engineer, Engineering Manager, Sales Engineer, Product Manager, Machine Learning Engineer, Artificial Intelligence Research Scientist, NLP Engineer

Before 2015, I lived in China. I first worked as a teacher at Nanhai Experimental School on Zhoushan Island, the “big island” in the Zhousan archipelago just south of Shanghai.

After that I worked as an intern in a Beijing-based startup company Wandoujia, which has since been acquired by Alibaba. I also had a brief stint working as an assistant to an executive at Foton Motor. Ask me about it sometime.

In 2011 I graduated from Oberlin College with a degree in Economics and a fairly impressive GPA no one has ever asked me about.

Updated 01/21

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